Deleting this since I have a new one

I’m glad she found someone to make her happy 😊
I really do love her even if it still hurts after 3 years have passed since the first time I told her I loved her.
I really truly love her even all the shit and pain I went through and I’ve just waited for her never saw anyone else since she really was the only one I could see…
I’ll still love her even if she doesn’t love me. But 03/25/13 will be our last time together since the one she’s with does have a incurable std.
I won’t start talking shit about the one she loves because I’m suppose to be happy for her 😭😄
Damn idk what to do… The love of my life doesn’t love me and I’m the one that wanted to marry her.
I don’t think she ever thought of that with me in mind…
Damnit it really hurts…

Yesterday so unexpected. I wasn’t jealous upset or what ever. Just happy I got to see the girls and bonded with Kira :) I was just happy. I’m happy she found someone to make her happy. Tho her bf did look weird but oh well. I miss Kira 😊

I miss them… All three of them.

Totally forgot I did buy her a hello kitty watch and it came in…. Da fuck man…

Damnit… Today’s her “day off” from a class… I planned to go to the movies and cuddle up in there. Guess not… She’s probably with her new bf again.

So tired I just wanna cuddle and sleep if I had someone.
Plus class just started……

6 pills in the morning protein mixed with a stomach filler in the after noon and maybe eat at night..
My daily meals

Aw so much bs with relationships going to her house to cheer her up in a bit

I think I’m losing my hair from the stress of losing her… 😑 Wth man…

Okay I know it can’t be because I’m ugly because the 2 Asian girls that rejected everyone danced with me last night and what’s her name kept staring at me at the place we stayed at.
What’s her name liked talking to me too and made her laugh a lot.
Why do girls like to stare?
Maybe I should find a new gf

Glad i talked to someone after 3:00 class was over

went to her house she read our texts and understood she knows im a good bf but doesnt understand why someone would cheat on me. i dont even know either she should know i love her with out a doubt after putting me through so much shit and i still waited for her to come back. this time at school i would wait hours at school for her, my class ends around 10:45am and her class starts at 6:30-9:15pm during that whole time frame im there at school waiting for her just to get out and to walk her to her car.

every time we broke up i waited for her even when it took a year+ i was never with another girl and i never even tired to hit on one let alone talk to another girl thats not just a friend. that was only because i only thought of her and it made me hesitate to do anything that would keep me from not being there.

i really was always there for you since i just wanted you happy. like the time you called me crying and you asked if i was happy that the guy you left me for broke up with you, all i said was no and cheered up to the point you could laugh again and told you that you should call him now and talk it out with him… everything worked out and you were happy again which made me happy and broke my heart even more.

i really cant believe what i did thursday 11/8/12 when you told me you cheated on me this monday because you wanted to and with the guy that said was annoying down the street and you wouldnt do anything with any other race but your own. I CANT BELIEVE I RAN ACROSS THE CAMPUS AFTER YOU… instincts took over because i love you and i just ran… ran as fast as i could just to see you drive by me and i still ran after you… sounds like a knockoff from a love story but its true…

i should of been the one that said i need some reassurance not you… i dont want to be the backup bf anymore this was the 3rd time but i actually wanna be someone’s #1

i… was going to save up for a nice ring because i really thought it was real…

even though it wasnt real for you it was real for me

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